Rental Contract (2 pages)

All rentals must have signed contract & paid for before your event
Beef Barn $100 per day
Dairy Barn $100 per day
Gillette Building ($200 Deposit) $400 per day
Goat Barn $100 per day
Upper Grandstand $150 per day
Grandstand (upper/daytime) $250 per day
Grandstand (upper/evenings) $400 per day
Hog Barn $100 per day
Horse Arena $100 per day
Horse Barn (new) $150 per day
Horse Barn (old) $100 per day
Junior Fair Office $25 per day
Livestock Show Pavilion $300 per day
Open Pavilion $100 per day
Rabbit Barn (heated facility) $150 per day
W. Storage РCar, Boat, Motorcycle, Camper
$8 per running foot
Restrooms (adjacent to grandstand) $10 per day
Restrooms (adjacent to horse arena) $10 per day
Restrooms (adjacent to show pavilion) $10 per day
Sheep/Draft Horse Barn $100 per day
Youth (4-H) Building (heated facility) $100 per day
Camping $20 per day
Thaman Building (includes partial kitchen)

($100 Deposit)Thaman Bldg. Pics (2)

$150 per day
 Thaman Bldg. Pics  
Fairgrounds Frontage $375 per space
Flea Market Venders $10 per space
Trash Barrels $5 per barrel
Bridge (4 Hours) $100 per 4 Hrs

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