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Contact Us


Williams County Agricultural Society
619 E Main Street
Montpelier, OH 43543

Phone: 419-485-3755
Fax: 419-485-1324

Office Hours

 Tuesday – Thursday  9:00am  5:00pm
 Friday 10:00am  4:00pm

Officers and Directors

President: Dave Page
Vice President: Alan Bennett


Term Expires 2016

Edon Village: Kate Carlson
District #1: Sharon Kissi
City of Bryan: William Pepple Jr.
Superior Township: Eugene Wilson
Center Township: Ric Henricks
Member @ Large: Joe Winebernner

District #2: OPEN
Pulaski Township: OPEN
Member @ Large: OPEN
Stryker Village: OPEN
Pioneer Village: OPEN
Term Expires 2017

Springfield Township: Scott Carroll
West Unity Village: Alan Bennett
Jefferson Township: Al Goebel
Northwest Township: David Walker
Millcreek Township: David Page

Member @ Large: Greg Decker


Ex-Officio Directors

Brian Davis, County Commissioner
Louis Hilkert, County Commissioner
Alan Word, County Commissioner
Florian Chirra, Agriculture & Natural Resources Agent
Kim Herman, Program Cordinator